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Family Owned and Operated since 1978

Your Local Spot for Delicious Donuts, 
Freshly Brewed Coffee, Sandwiches, and More!

Featuring Espresso, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and the World's Best Coffee

Freshly Baked Donuts

Serving the freshest donuts baked on-site daily

Explore our wide selection of freshly baked donuts, eclairs, turnovers, danish, cinnamon buns, cookies, and Greek pastries. Each item is crafted with care using the finest ingredients.


World's Best Coffee

Brewing the Finest Coffee

At Donut Connection, we take pride in serving the freshest and most flavorful coffee in town. From classic espresso to specialty lattes, we have a perfect pick-me-up for every coffee enthusiast.

Breakfast Sandwiches and More

Stop in for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Enjoy our savory breakfast sandwiches, soups, paninis, lunch specials, and many more for a delicious meal any time of the day.

Locations & Hours

Plan Your Visit


Donut Connection of Exeter

1601 Wyoming Avenue

Exeter, PA 18643

Opening Hours

Open 5 AM to Midnight Daily

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